VivaTech 2018 Notes & Thoughts

VIVATech 2018


VivaTech, an annual technology & innovation conference in its third year, is billed as “the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation”. Held in Paris, this week it attracted 80000 attendees, 8000 European startups and dozens of large players in technology across Europe. It also featured talks from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and IBM’s Ginni Rometty amongst many, many more.

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Organising Dundee University's Hackathon

Just over a week ago, we held the closing ceremony for Quackathon 2017. This was the end of what was months of planning and continuously jumping hurdles. The most important thing to make this happen was having a good team. There are 5 committee members for Dundee University’s Computing Society and the five of us relied on each other to complete our own areas. It’s also worth noting it’s not easy planning a major event from scratch while juggling other responsibilities like our courses, jobs and others.

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Hacking Dundee's Buses

I have been looking for an excuse to learn and use Python, and I always find the best way for me to learn is to tackle something in a small project. I have also recently become very interested in real-time travel information for public transport. Most cities and countries offer real-time arrival and departure information for busses, trains and mass transit (trams, underground, light rail) and where I live and study in Dundee is no different.

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Network Visualisation with MATLAB

For a recent university project we were analysing large networks. We used the Standford Network Analysis Project (SNAP) to perform a number of operations on any dataset we wanted. We searched for a large dataset as we believed it could yeild some pretty interesting results. We settled on the California Road Network where nodes represent either an intersection, or end point (dead end) and the edges represent the roads between them. The website states that this is an undirected edge but we found during the visualisation that there is infact directed edges.

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